Soaked (Birthday) Cupcakes

muffinK. So I admit having the word SOAKED in the title isn’t THE most appealing but WAIT! I promise that the only thing these muffins lack is the (difficult to digest) phytic acid in the flour.


When we first began our traditional transition, muffins and pancakes were the first things I experimented with. WE LOVE OUR MUFFINS AND PANCAKES and I wanted to put this new eating style through the ultimate test….my hubby and kids! I must also say that I tried many soaked muffin recipes and after much trial and failure, this is the only one that made the cut. These not only appear as part of a healthy breakfast but they are so moist and delish that I have since adopted these as our go to Birthday Cupcakes! Throw a little cream cheese icing or whipped cream on top and voila!


**remember because these require soaking time to break down the phytic acid, start these at least the night before you plan on baking them.


2 cups organic spelt flour

3/4 cup of sour dairy- milk with 1 T lemon juice, whey, kefir (If using yogurt use 1 cup)

1/2 c melted coconut oil or butter

1/2 c sucanat or coconut sugar

1/4 tsp sea salt

1 c organic mashed banana or pureed pumpkin (or a combo)

2 pastured eggs

1 tsp organic cinnamon

1/2 tsp organic nutmeg

1/2 tsp organic cloves

1/4 tsp baking powder

1 1/2 tsp baking soda

1/2 cup raisins or organic chocolate chips


1. Combine flour, dairy and oil and stir well to incorporate.

2. Cover with a tea towel and leave in a warm location to soak 12-24 hours.

3. Preheat oven to 325′

4. Using your electric mixer on a low speed, add sugar and salt to soaked mixture

5. Add banana, eggs, cinnamon and nutmeg and cloves and continue to mix until well combined.

6. Add in baking powder and baking soda and mix until just combined.

7. Stir in raisins.

8. Pour into greased or lined muffin trays and bake for 15-20 minutes (depending on the size).

Makes 16
Amp up the health quotient by serving with some butter! mmmmm delish!! If you are using these as cupcakes top with some raw whipped cream or cream cheese sweetened with a hint of maple syrup.


  • diana

    I just made these and followed your recipe exactly. I used all banana puree and these are outstanding!! Didn’t use them for birthday just muffins but they would be really good with a creamcheese icing as you suggested. Thanks for sharing and please share more traditionally prepared grain recipes. /diana

  • eatplaylovemore

    I’m glad you liked them Diana! I will definitely be posting more :)

  • Michaela

    These look terrific! Can’t wait to try them for my daughter’s birthday this weekend. I’d like to make them extra special with maybe a buttercream icing? What are your thoughts on that Libby? I’ve never actually looked at the ingredients of icing sugar.

    • eatplaylovemore

      Convention icing sugar contains corn starch so I avoid that like the plague. You can still follow your favorite buttercream icing recipe and just make some adjustments like using raw butter, organic raw milk, and in lieu of icing sugar I just grind up some evaporated cane juice or sucanat or coconut sugar really fine and use that. The taste will be superb and you won’t even miss the nasty corn starch.

  • Sooki

    Libby! you are a soaked grain goddess! These are so delicious. I was skeptical…not gonna lie…but these are so moist. I just used them as a snack and added a chocolate chunk on top of each of them for some pizazz. This transition to soaked grains isn’t going to be so hard after all.

    • eatplaylovemore

      Wow Sooki! Those look great and thank you for the kind words….wow a Goddess… I like that! I will be posting more soaked recipes..

  • eatplaylovemore

    Wow Sooki! Those look great and thank you for the kind words….wow a Goddess… I like that! I will be posting more soaked recipes.

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  • Mary Ann

    Found u from 100days of real food and am definately going to make these! We are dairy free though so would soaking the grains in water do the same thing?

  • Becca

    Those look really good! Thanks for sharing them at the Healthy Tues hop. :)

  • Mel Lockcuff

    These look absolutely delicious. Cream cheese icing is definitely the best. Thanks so much for sharing on Inspire Me Wednesday. Featuring you in next week’s issue.

  • Miz Helen

    I would love to have these cupcakes on my birthday! Thank you so much for sharing your delicious recipe with Full Plate Thursday.
    Have a great weekend!
    Miz Helen

  • Renea (cupcake-n-bake)

    These look so good, especially topped with that cream cheese frosting. You’re being featured at Manic Monday this week. Be sure to stop by and link up again!

    • eatplaylovemore

      Thanks for featuring these Renea! I’m super stoked!

  • Lisa

    These look wonderful!!!! Thanks so much for linking up with “Try a New Recipe Tuesday!” These will be featured this week! Congratulations! Be sure to stop by and grab an “I’ve been featured” button from my sidebar for your blog. The post should go live around 11pm Eastern on Monday evening. I hope you will be able to share with us again this week. :-)

    • eatplaylovemore

      Yay thanks Lisa! I’m honored. Will definitely swing by and grab a button!

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  • theprovisionroom

    These are brilliant! We’ll be making them for sure…and pinning them for our readers!

    • eatplaylovemore

      Thank u!

  • Sandra

    YUM! I’m totally into soaked and sprouted grains, so I’m always on the lookout for some staple recipes. I’ve had a lot of success with just replacing regular flour with sprouted spelt or white wheat flours, but sprouted flours are really expensive. I’ve tried other soaked muffin recipes with not-so-awesome results, but this one rocks! I used pumpkin, replaced the spice mixture with preblended pumpkin spices, and added a touch more sugar. They turned out terrific–moist, tender, and delicious. Your muffins are a new staple. Thanks so much!

    • eatplaylovemore

      I am SO happy you like these Sandra! They really are versatile and make appearances as morning muffins as well as birthday cupcakes around here. The best part is they are digestible! yay!

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  • Erin

    Is there a non-spiced version? These look great for muffins, but I wonder if for making them more birthday like I could just leave out the spices and add vanilla?

    • eatplaylovemore

      Hi Erin,
      When I make these for birthdays I only add the cinnamon but you can totally play around with them. I’ve even cut out 1-2 tbsp of the flour and replaced it with cocoa (after soaking) for chocolate cupcakes. They are always a hit! -Libby

  • The Food Hunter

    great idea!

  • Jessica David, CHC

    These look great! Pinned. =)

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  • Taruna Sharma

    Hi, Love that you’ve used spelt flour and soaking it overnight makes the phytic acid go away. I want to clarify though, how does the phytic acid escape from the dough ? Usually when I soak wheat berries / nuts in water, I throw away the water, thinking the phytic acid got released by the berries after absorbing water, and got mixed with outside water. But using flour, there’s no outside water..

    • eatplaylovemore

      Hi Taruna!

      Great question! When soaking grains, the phytic acid doesn’t escape but is rather broken down (think predigested), which then renders the grain more digestible. Many people who are intolerant of grains, can tolerate grains once they have been soaked.

      Nuts on the other hand contain enzyme inhibitors that need to be removed via soaking. More info on soaking nuts is found here —>

      • Taruna Sharma

        Thanks for explaining about the pre-digestion effect on grains !!

        • eatplaylovemore

          My pleasure Taruna! Out of curiosity, do you follow the WAP diet? -Libby

  • KD

    I’m going to try this recipe out for my son’s birthday cake. Just wondering if I would need to add any liquid to the recipe if I use sprouted spelt flour instead of soaking my flour….

    • eatplaylovemore

      Hi KD! Nope, you don’t need to soak it if you’re using sprouted spelt flour. The soaking has already been done for you. I would however play with the recipe a little and add liquid as needed as the soaking process turns the flour into a dough-like consistency. Enjoy! Please come back and let us know what modifications you made. :) -Libby