Why You Should NEVER Use THIS Sleep Enhancer

Why you should NEVER Use THIS Sleep Enhancer

Let’s be honest, we could all use a little more sleep and Febreze (by Proctor and Gamble) agrees with you! What does Febreze have to do with sleep you ask? Well, it seems that the chemical company has found yet another niche market….the sleep deprived. 

Close your eyes and breathe in fields of lavender bathed in moonlight, a hint of sweet vanilla in the breeze, and a distant murmur of rich, sumptuous sandalwood. A relaxing retreat for the senses. (Febreze)

Sounds absolutely magical doesn’t it? WAIT!


Cheap, colorless liquid…

In the mid 1990s Proctor and Gamble spent millions developing its Febreze line of products. They wanted a colorless, cheap liquid that the consumer could spray on fabrics that could not traditionally be laundered (stinky couch, rug, car interior etc…), and render them odorless. 

Febreze has since evolved into candles, air fresheners and now sleep enhancers. By 2011, Febreze became part of the $1 billion club for Proctor and Gamble and that’s no surprise considering consumers spend $2 billion annually on air fresheners. Whatever happened to the old fashion idea of opening a window? 


Chemicals and cleaning = oxymoron?

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) found that Febreze Fabric Refresher contains a slew of chemicals (both disclosed and undisclosed) that are of high concern for developmental/endocrine/reproductive effects, respiratory effects, general systemic/organ effects etc… Some of their air fresheners release nearly 90 contaminants into the air! 

It looks like we got duped people! Introducing chemical toxins into the very fabrics that we are trying to ‘clean’ sounds counter productive. It makes me crazy to think that this stuff is even allowed on the market! What regulating bodies put their heads together and decided that chemical air sprays are safe for consumers to use? I always wonder if those who come up with these chemical concoctions would actually use them themselves….doubtful.

 Why you should NEVER use THIS sleep enhancer

…Enter Sleep Serenity Bedroom Mist

The newest addition to the Febreze family is their ‘Sleep Serenity’ line. This is being marketed as a ‘sleep enhancer’ and is now being sold as a ‘Bedding Refresher’, a ‘Bedside Diffuser’ and ‘Bedroom Mist’. A slew of unregulated toxic sludge as far as I’m concerned but in the spirit of fairness, I contacted Proctor and Gamble for the list of ingredients (they are not listed on the product). Below is the list of ingredients for their Moonlit Lavender Bedroom Mist:



Purified Water

At least it’s purified…right?




Hydrogenated Castor Oil 

Don’t be fooled. Its other name is PEG 40 (Polyethylene Glycol 40). It contains harmful impurities like known carcinogens Ethylene, Oxide and 1,4-Dioxane (source)


Various Perfume Blends 

Fancy speak for CHEMICALS. No further details are provided.


Dialkyl Sodium Sulfosuccinate

A dispersing agent. This baby helps the whole chemical concoction disperse through the air/fabric etc… It is commonly used to disperse agrochemicals.


Polyacrylate Hydrochloric Acid

This is a mix of two chemicals: Polyacrylate, a highly absorptive chemical AND Hydrochloric Acid which can cause severe skin burn and eye damage. It is also found in chemical oven cleaners, drain openers etc…



According to P&G it protects product from microbial contamination. In reality it is a chemical that is a known skin irritant and has been linked to skin irritation and allergies. It is classified as very toxic to aquatic organisms. When combined with other chemicals like Triclosan it is cytotoxic (toxic to cells).


DIY Sleep Mist

Perhaps the troubling part of this product line is the fact that under the guise of ‘cleaning’ and ‘refreshing’ AND now sleeping, consumers are introducing a host of chemicals into their homes and bodies. 

Go here for instructions on making your own natural sleep mist ….:-)



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  • Sabrina

    I have to laugh when I see those commercials, cant believe these products exist. All I do is put some lavender in my diffuser and works like a charm! Looking forward to your next post Libby.

    • eatplaylovemore

      I totally agree Sabrina! They have huge marketing budgets to make sure that they sell consumers on the concept of ‘clean’ and ‘fresh’ without ever any mention of what you are actually spraying into the air.

  • Christopher Stogdill

    I remember taking a look at a Febreeze bottle once that had both “remove odors” and “scented” on the label. I laughed because I couldn’t see how any product could do both at the same time and at best you are buying a product that you know is 50% FAIL.

  • Joanna

    Gracious. I remember when there were only about two air fresheners and now too many. I avoid all ‘fragrance’ and to enhance sleep; a hot bath, open window and peaceful thoughts – fortunately can’t bottle that!

  • Jessica Healey

    Great detective work. It saddens me to think of all the millions of homes with this product inside of them…being sprayed every night. Yuck.

    I have pinned, G+, tweeted, and will FB this post for you. Also, I am featuring this as one of my favs on tomorrow’s Mostly Homemade Mondays. I hope you’ll stop back by and share something new with us again!

    Feel free to grab a button, too, if you like.


    • eatplaylovemore

      Thank you Jessica! I so appreciate all the shares.

      Febreze is used without thought because in my opinion, people are too either trusting of the manufacturer/government or simply don’t stop and think about what could actually be in it. The more people that are aware, the less exposure to chemicals we all get.


  • Megan Stevens

    Thanks for the heads up! Yikes!!

  • Megan Stevens

    Thanks for the heads up! Yikes!!