Easy Banana Strawberry ‘Ice Cream’ Pie

Easy Strawberry Banana 'Ice Cream' Pie 

The lazy days of summer are here. :-D I don’t know about you but we always have a few days of growing pains when the kids are first off school. It seems to take them about a week to gel as a group that is suddenly together 24/7. Once those little kinks are ironed out, we are good to go…mostly.

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DIY Upcycled Everyday Cloth Napkins

 Easy DIY Upcycled Cloth Napkins #DIY

Confession: Recently I watched in horror as my 6 year old, the tidy little eater that he is, used no less than 6 paper napkins over the course of our dinner! Just to clarify, we don’t have fancy 6 course meals at our house, nor were we eating BBQ coated chicken wings. This was just a regular 1 course meal!  I nearly shed a tear for the tree waste that lay in a pile on my dining table. I needed a solution and cloth napkins from a store are expensive and huge, too huge for a child!

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Stainless Steel Lunch Containers – Giveaway!

Giveaway-Stainless Steel Lunch Container Giveaway

I love you guys! As a sign of my appreciation for you, my reader, I asked you (on my Facebook page) to tell me what you would like me to giveaway in June. Thanks to your votes and your input, I am giving away these stainless steel lunch containers by Kids Konserve. These are the very same containers that we use in our home. They are sturdy and occasionally take a lickin but keep on tickin.

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35 DIY Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

35 DIY Mother's Day Gift Ideas

I had this memory the other day of second grade Libby proudly giving her mom a handmade clay ashtray for Mother’s Day. My mom was elated and why wouldn’t she be? After all, I had made it with my own little 7 year old hands AND she smoked had never smoked a day in her life! This year, don’t be a second grade Libby. Give mom a thoughtful, beautiful gift that she will actually use! :-) 

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DIY Deli Meat

DIY Deli Meat - No nitrates, No fillers

I have fond memories of deli meat. No, seriously! As a child my absolute favorite school lunch included two slices of sandwich bread smothered in yellow mustard with a few slices of summer sausage. When I really think back about it, I cringe!! I’m not sure what the quality of sandwich meat was like back then but I can tell you today’s lunch meats are loaded with fillers, nitrates and other crap, some of it even pretends to be natural (ex. celery extract)

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Easter Scavenger Hunt!

Easter Scavenger Hunt

I love Easter!

Maybe it’s the freshness of the spring air or the promise of warmer days ahead, whichever it is, Easter equals FUN at our house! I remember as a kid the Easter Bunny would hide little chocolate eggs all around the living room for my sisters and I to find. Nowadays, the Easter Bunny takes it up a notch and provides my kids with a full-on Scavenger Hunt! It’s totally a blast and we all have so much fun. Not all the kids can read, so they all follow the clues as a group which empowers the readers and encourages them to all work together. 

This year, why not do an Easter Scavenger Hunt? I’ve already done most of the work for you! :-)

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