Easy Peasy 2 Ingredient DIY Jello

DIY 2 Ingredient Jello - perfect for school lunches!

When was the last time you looked at a package of Jello? If you’re like me, the answer is probably…NEVER! I knew enough not to buy it but I didn’t know how bad it actually is! Don’t take my word for it though, the ingredients go a little something like this:

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Eat Your Greens…with BACON!

Eat Your Greens....with BACON! A yummy way to eat more greens

The other day at the Farmer’s Market I watched as a lady picked up a bunch of kale and studied them. She turned to me and told me that she had recently made the decision to give up packaged food because it was not serving her and was wholeheartedly embracing whole foods. With an embarrassed smile she admitted that she had no idea how to even cook kale so that it tasted palatable! My suggestion was simple: BACON! It may seem like that’s my answer to everything, but seriously, bacon and bacon fat with any greens are outstanding! So, to the lovely lady I met at the Farmer’s Market, this one’s for you. :-) 

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3 Ingredient Cappuccino Ice Cream

3 ingredient Cappuccino Ice Cream - SO DELICIOUS! #paleo, #vegetarian, #dairyfree

Since we’ve temporarily given up dairy (more on that soon), we have found other ways to satisfy our desire for ice cream. In fact, just last week after a hike with our friends, we decided that we had earned ourselves some ice cream. Knowing that we couldn’t (and wouldn’t) go to an ice cream shop (in case you’re wondering what’s in a Dairy Queen soft serve read this), we ended up at a small organic supermarket and fell in love with a cappuccino, coconut milk ice-cream. In fact, we ended up dishing it out and consuming it in the parking lot!! It was THAT good!

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Plantain Chips – Your New Healthy Snack

Plantain Chips - Baked or Fried #paleo, #AIP, #GF, #Vegetarian

If it walks like a banana and talks like a banana it must be a banana! WRONG! If you’ve never seen a plantain, you probably actually have! huh? A plantain is from the same genus as the humble banana but this baby is eaten cooked and green. Unlike the banana, AKA the dessert banana, plantains are more starch than sugar, and therefore are eaten cooked when still green, AND because of their starch content they resemble potatoes when cooked.  

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Is Seedless Watermelon GMO?

Seedless Watermelon - Is it GMO?  A MUST Read

Last year I came across a square watermelon. Yes, I said a square watermelon! That, of course, prompted this inquiring mind to look into that phenomenon further. Are square watermelons GMO? You can read all about my findings in “Wanna Make Some Money? Grow Square Watermelons!

With the bounty of regularly shaped watermelon making frequent appearances at picnics and cookouts this time of year, my 6 year old with a look of confusion, asked me how seedless watermelons can even grow without a seed to plant. “What a great question” I thought! One that needed further exploring…

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Easy Banana Strawberry ‘Ice Cream’ Pie

Easy Strawberry Banana 'Ice Cream' Pie 

The lazy days of summer are here. :-D I don’t know about you but we always have a few days of growing pains when the kids are first off school. It seems to take them about a week to gel as a group that is suddenly together 24/7. Once those little kinks are ironed out, we are good to go…mostly.

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DIY Upcycled Everyday Cloth Napkins

 Easy DIY Upcycled Cloth Napkins #DIY

Confession: Recently I watched in horror as my 6 year old, the tidy little eater that he is, used no less than 6 paper napkins over the course of our dinner! Just to clarify, we don’t have fancy 6 course meals at our house, nor were we eating BBQ coated chicken wings. This was just a regular 1 course meal!  I nearly shed a tear for the tree waste that lay in a pile on my dining table. I needed a solution and cloth napkins from a store are expensive and huge, too huge for a child!

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Stainless Steel Lunch Containers – Giveaway!

Giveaway-Stainless Steel Lunch Container Giveaway

I love you guys! As a sign of my appreciation for you, my reader, I asked you (on my Facebook page) to tell me what you would like me to giveaway in June. Thanks to your votes and your input, I am giving away these stainless steel lunch containers by Kids Konserve. These are the very same containers that we use in our home. They are sturdy and occasionally take a lickin but keep on tickin.

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