The Problem with Vegetarian Fed Eggs


At the farmer’s market on Saturday I noticed a new egg vendor with a flashy trailer and bright sign that proudly read: ‘100% organic vegetarian fed’ So, in true Libby style I inquired… Libby: “What is in the feed?” Answer: “Barley, soy, corn, etc… We can’t really guarantee what they get week to week because…

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Paleo Chicken Nuggets

Paleo Gluten Free Chicken Nuggets (No Almond Flour)

No matter how old you are or where you are in your clean eating, chicken nuggets are fun! *true story* My 13 year old had a friend over yesterday and by his own admission this friend (we’ll call him Lucas) doesn’t eat anything “healthy or green“. He ended up staying for dinner and I couldn’t…

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So yummy! 2 Minute Creamy Poppy Seed Dressing

2 Minute Creamy Poppy Seed Vinaigrette

If you love salad as much as I do, you’ll LOVE this 2 Minute Creamy Poppy Seed Vinaigrette because a salad isn’t really a salad without dressing!  As much as I like lettuce, I don’t like lettuce without a delicious dressing and homemade is always best. I mean have you ever really looked at the…

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I had no idea that these were SO contaminated!!

2 Veggies That You MUST Buy Organic!

So, on a recent trip I discovered something pretty amazing… the Food Network! Yes, I know….”Do you live under a rock Libby?!“ <I’m just saying what you’re thinking!> 😀 My excuse is valid though, we don’t have cable at home so I didn’t even realize I was missing out!  The boys watched a few shows with…

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13 DIY Gifts That Don’t Suck

Gift giving can be a tricky beast sometimes. You can always go the route of gift shopping or maybe gift cards but I’m a huge fan of giving something handmade and from the heart and yes, I know that all handmade gift are not created equal. That is why I’ve compiled a list of 13 DIY…

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DIY Gourmet Hot Chocolate

DIY Gourmet Hot Chocolate Mix

If you know me, you know that I love homemade gifts AND I love chocolate (ok maybe wine too), merge the 2 together and you’ve got near perfection! I don’t know about you, but I think that handmade gifts just say so much! To me they scream thoughtfulness, love, kindness and… from the heart. Just…

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